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The most commonly used commands.
This page will go over some of the most commonly used commands on the server.
For rank-specific commands check out /ranks and /dranks in-game. This only covers the default commands.

General Commands

/trust - trust someone with access to all your containers.
/spawn - teleport to spawn.
/warps - view official server warps.
/pw - view player-made warps.
/booster - view queued boosters.
/artifact - view your artifact booster.
/cosmetics - view your cosmetics.
/ranks - view a list of in-game ranks.
/dranks - view a list of store ranks.
/title - select a new chat title.
/quests - view the quests menu-
/sethome - set a home you can return to at any time.
/home (home) - teleport to a previously set home.
/homes - list all of your homes.
/msg (name) - private message another player.
/r - reply to a private message from another player.
/rtp - randomly teleport to a location in the world.
/ignore (name) - ignore another player, preventing them from messaging you.
/tpa (name) - request to teleport to another player.
/playtime - view your total playtime.
/discord - join the server's Discord.
/vote - vote for the server and earn rewards.
/store - unlock cool perks.
/rules - read the server rules.
/keepinv - view timer on your keep inventory status.
/elevator - learn how to create in-game elevators.
/timer - shows when the next minigames are active.

Economy Commands

/pay (name) - send money to another player.
/crowns pay (name) - send crowns to another player. Only usable in Spawn.
/balance - view your money balance.
/auction - visit the auction house.
/forge - visit the forging station.
/jobs - view the jobs menu.
/shop - open the vanilla shop.
/qs - view player shop commands.

Other Commands

/skills - view your guild skills.
/level - view your total jobs level.