⚔️Trial of the Gods

The Trial of the Gods is an epic end-game feature on our server that offers players a chance to engage in mighty battles against formidable foes within the sacred grounds of the spawn Colosseum.

This challenging endeavor promises rich rewards, including Eternal tiered artifacts and powerful weapons, making it a pinnacle experience for adventurers seeking glory and riches.

How to Initiate the Trial

To commence the Trial of the Gods, players must visit Leif the Explorer. Players can pledge materials to Leif as an offering, signaling their readiness to face the trials ahead.

The Battle Within the Colosseum

Once the materials are pledged, one of three legendary bosses will be summoned into the arena of the Colosseum, ready to test the mettle of any brave souls who dare to challenge them. These bosses are known for their immense power and strategic prowess, presenting a formidable challenge even to the most seasoned adventurers.


Upon successful completion of the Trial of the Gods, victorious players will be rewarded with valuable loot including:

  • Tier 7 Artifacts: Players will have the chance to obtain all of the newly introduced Tier 7 artifacts, each imbued with ancient powers and abilities waiting to be unleashed.

  • Tier 7.5 Scythe Weapon: As the ultimate prize, players may acquire a Tier 7.5 scythe weapon, a devastating instrument of destruction capable of turning the tide of battle in their favor.

  • Additional Rewards: In addition to artifacts and weapons, successful completion of the Trial of the Gods may yield various other valuable rewards, such as Mythic Keys, two exclusive combat pets, and other cosmetic rewards!

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