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Learn more about our cosmetics, furniture, and custom blocks.
There are hundreds of different cosmetics available on the server for you to obtain and collect. They allow you to decorate and customize your character further, and stand out from the crowd. Cosmetics are purely just that - cosmetics. They come with no extra powers or benefits besides making you look cooler than everyone else!
You also never have to worry about "losing" power by wearing a cosmetic piece. If you are wearing a full armor set, including a Helmet, you can still equip cosmetics such as hats and the appearance will be adapted. This allows you to wear cosmetics and still keep all armor perks and set bonuses.
This 'transmogrification' system means you can select your cosmetics purely based on appearance instead of worrying about the perks and powers.
You can obtain cosmetics from sources such as:
  • In-game quests
  • Wardrobe Merchant
  • Special promotions
  • Guild ranks
  • Crates
  • Dungeons
  • And more!
Cosmetics building in Stormheim.

The Wardrobe

All obtainable cosmetics can also be previewed in the Cosmetics Wardrobe. You can find the wardrobe in-game at /warp cosmetics. Inside this building, you can also purchase a selection of cosmetics to wear.
For easier access to your cosmetics, whilst playing, you can also type /cosmetic to open the selection menu.


We also have more than a hundred different unique furniture pieces on the server. This is especially useful for builders who want to take their buildings to the next level with additional details and decorations.
Most of the main furniture can be purchased directly from a merchant in spawn. Specifically at Gorm the Carpenter, which can be found at /warp furniture.
You can also find all these furniture items and more from the Furniture Cache obtainable for less than 1 euro each on the web-store. Events typically also come with a set of uniquely themed furniture and cosmetics.
Gorm the Carpenter - furniture merchant.

Custom Blocks

To further elevate the sandbox and building experience, we have added more than 100 custom blocks. These can be purchased from a merchant in spawn for the low cost of $1,000 in-game money per stack of blocks.
Find Arnold the Carpenter in spawn to browse the selection of custom blocks available for purchase. He can be found at /warp market in Stormheim's market district.
Some of many custom blocks available at Arnold the Carpenter.