🧑‍🤝‍🧑Friends and Parties

The Friends and Party System is a feature designed to enhance social interaction and cooperative gameplay on our server. It allows players to connect with friends, form parties, and communicate effectively while exploring the world and engaging in various activities together.

How It Works


  • Players can add others as friends using the /friend add [player] command.

  • They can manage their friend list and requests through commands such as /friend list, /friend requests, /friend remove [player], /friend accept [all/player], and /friend deny [all/player].

  • Communication with friends is facilitated via private messages using the /msg [player] [message] command.

  • Players can also toggle various settings related to friend requests, private messages, join/leave notifications, and more using commands like /friend toggleinvites, /friend togglemsgs, and /friend togglenotifies.


  • Players can create parties and invite others to join using the /party invite [player] command.

  • Party leaders can manage the party roster, promote or demote members, and kick players using commands like /party kick [player], /party promote [player], and /party demote [player].

  • Communication within parties is facilitated via party chat, accessible with the /p [message] command.

  • Parties can embark on adventures together and even jump to the leader's server for seamless gameplay using the /party jump command.

Friend Commands:

Messaging Commands:

Party Commands:

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