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Learn more about the worlds of MineRaze.
We have multiple worlds on the server for you to explore and play in. Our survival worlds Asgard and Midgard both feature beautiful custom-generated terrain bringing new heights and added detail to the world. This includes more than 50 new biomes added to the game. If you prefer the vanilla biomes, worry not, as these still exist too.

Asgard - the land of the Gods.

World Size: 25,000 by 25,000
Asgard can be accessed with /asgard

Midgard - the lands of humans.

World Size: 25,000 by 25,000
Midgard can be accessed with /midgard
Later this summer, the server will also be fully updated to 1.20, bringing forth all the new blocks and features from that update. This will also include the addition of a third survival world, Vanaheim, which will include even more new custom biomes, such as the Winter Cherry Biome. Here is a preview!

Resource Worlds

There are three different Resource Worlds on the server. Their sole purpose is for resource gathering so that the main survival worlds can remain whole and not be fully destroyed.
The Overworld resource world can be accessed with /resource
The Nether resource world can be accessed with /nether
The End resource world can be accessed through the portal at spawn.
The Overworld resource world resets monthly whereas the Nether and End resource worlds reset quarterly.