Jobs allow you to earn money every 1-minute, depending on how much work you have completed during the payment interval. The following jobs are available:
  • Miner - Earns money from breaking stone and ores
  • Fisherman - Earns money catching fish and breaking sea blocks.
  • Farmer - Earns money from harvesting and planting crops.
  • Hunter - Earns money from killing monsters and animals.
  • Builder - Earns money from placing blocks.
  • Digger - Earns money from terraforming the overworld.
  • Woodcutter - Earns money from felling and planting trees.
  • Cook - Earns money from crafting food.
  • Alchemist - Earns money from brewing potions.
  • Blacksmith - Earns money from repairing tools and armor and smelting ores.
The Jobs Menu. Choose your favorite job and earn money!
New players can join 1 Job. Unlocking new in-game or store ranks will allow you to join additional Jobs. Every time you increase your level by 1, your income is also increased by +1%.
  • /jobs - brings up information about jobs. Can join jobs off this GUI.
  • /jobs stats - View Job Stats
  • /jobs gtop - View top players
  • /jobs top (job) - View top players in the specific job.
  • /jobs info - View Job info
  • /jobs bonus - View Jobs bonuses.
  • /paycheck - View Money Earned
  • /jobs limit - View your hourly jobs limit status.

Jobs Money Limit

There is also an hourly Jobs Money limit. It scales based on your total Jobs level. This also serves as an added encouragement for players to level-up multiple jobs instead of solely focusing on one or two.
Here you can get an idea of how much money the cap is per total jobs level. Total jobs level is all of your jobs' levels combined. This means if you're level 20 Farmer, level 30 Miner, level 10 Woodcutter, then your total jobs level is (20+30+10) = 60, and your hourly cap would be just over 50k.
To get for each specific level, you can use the following equation which this is based off: 30000+35000*(TotalJobsLevel/99)

Jobs Rewards

There are also 60 levels of milestone rewards for every job. You can preview a progression tree similar to the image below in-game by going into /jobs and shift+left-clicking a Job.
Every level-up comes with one-time rewards in the form of a money payout.
Menu with the first 20 levels of Fisherman.