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Container Protection

Learn more about protecting your containers from thieves.
Protect your containers such as chests, furnaces, and doors to ensure people cannot steal your items! Want to protect your buildings and land? Check out the "Towns" page!
Cooperating with your friends might mean that you will share doors, chests, and many other locked containers. In order for you to share your locked containers with other players, you must trust them to the containers.


Containers such as chests are locked upon placing them, you can share your containers by using /cmodify (playername) and punching it. You can add multiple players at once by putting a space between each playername. If you want to share all your locked containers with another player at once, you can use /trust add (playername)
If you would like a command to persist for multiple protections use /cpersist
If you would like to set a password on a container use /cpassword
If you would like to set up a donation container use /cdonation
If you would like to set up a display container use /cdisplay