🏘️Towns (Land Claim)

Here you can learn about the claiming system and all its commands.

On this page, you will find a variety of different guides and a list of commands that will allow you to easily navigate your town as a mayor or a resident.

If you just want to get yourself a full list of commands, you can go to the bottom of this page or type /town help in-game on the server.

How do I create a town?

Creating a town is easy and free! Begin by typing /town create (name).

Once your town has been created, you can begin claiming land with the /claim command.

Using this command will claim the chunk you are currently standing inside. To view chunk borders you can press [F3+G] on your keyboard.

You can claim land anywhere as long as you’re in either Elysium or Olympus world.

After you have claimed your first chunk of land, it is recommended you do /town setspawn. This will allow you to easily return to your town at any time with the /town spawn command.

When a Town is created it starts at level 1. You can level-up your town by depositing in-game money with the /town deposit (amount) command and then with /town level.

Increasing the town level will give you access to claim additional land and invite additional members to become part of your town community. You will also unlock an increased crop growth rate and increased monster spawner spawn rate in the townland. Check out the in-game /town menu.

Town Claims

Claims are chunk-based. To claim a chunk of land for your town, type /claim.

Creating a Plot for Players to Use

To make or manage a town plot claim, you must be standing in it.

To make a regular claim into a Town Plot that can be used to build etc, use /town plot.

You can then add someone to the plot with /town plot add <player>.

Once you have assigned a piece of land (a chunk) into a Town Plot, Residents can also claim it themselves with:

Residents can also use /plot claim to claim the plot on their own.

Note the <player> does not actually have to be a town member. Players added to a plot have full access to build within it. This means non-town residents can have plots in your town.

You can designate someone as a "manager" of a town plot, which will let them add others to the plot as well using the previously mentioned command. You can do this with /town plot add <player> manager.

You can remove someone from a plot with /town plot remove <player> and view a simple list of plot members with /town plot list.

To make a town claim into a town farm claim, stand in it and type /town farm.

Mob spawners and crops in town farms spawn at boosted rates based on your town's level.

Any member of your town can break and place farm blocks, and crops, interact with mobs as well as access containers in town farms.

They can't, however, build or break most structures.

Customizing your town

You can change the color, bio, greeting, and farewell messages of your town. Each changes the way your town appears to other players.


/town color <#rgb>

Change the color of your town on claim maps.

/town bio <message>

Set the bio of your town that appears on your /town info <name> page and on hover in the town list.

/town greeting <message>

Define the message shown to players as they walk into your claims.

/town farewell <message>

Define the message shown to players as they walk out of your claims.

/town rename <name>

Rename the town.

Inviting New Members

You can invite members to your town using /town invite <player>. You can only invite players who aren't currently a member of a town.

Players who are not part of your town can still own land in your town. See here.

Town Chat

You can send messages privately to fellow town members using /town chat <message>.

Promoting Town Members

As the town creator, you can promote and demote members up and down the town's role hierarchy.

To promote a member, use /town promote <member>. Likewise, to demote a user, use /town demote <member>. Note you can't promise members to or who are an equal or higher role in the town's hierarchy than yourself.

Town Ranks

There are several town ranks each with different permissions and access within a town.

Mayor - this is the highest role and is the Owner of the town. As Mayor, you have access to all commands related to your town and its management.

Assistant - this is the second highest role and works as a co-mayor type role. As an Assistant, you have access to every command except town renaming and town disbandment.

Trusted - this works as a role you can give to trusted members of your town while still having potentially damaging commands such as unclaiming being unavailable. This role has access to the following:

  • Changing plot type (regular, plot, farm)

  • Assigning players to plots

  • Removing players from plots

  • Changing the farewell & greeting message

  • Changing the town's bio

  • Changing the town flags

  • Evicting (kicking) players from the town

  • Claiming land

  • Promoting other town members up to the rank below.

  • Inherits Builder perks.

Builder - you can grant this access to players who should be able to build and break blocks anywhere in the town.

  • Placing and breaking blocks anywhere in townland.

  • Evicting (kicking) players from the town

  • Inviting players to the town.

  • Inherits Recruiter perks.

Recruiter - this is the recruiter role of the town. This role can invite players to the town.

  • Inviting players to the town.

  • Inherits Resident perks.

Resident - this is the default town role. Residents can access the following commands:

  • /town

  • /town help

Looking for a Town?

If you would rather join an existing town, Here are some helpful ways you can use to find one!


/town list

Shows a list of all the towns. Click on the town name for more information on that specific town.


Alerts the server in global chat that you are looking for a town.

Full Town Commands List

/town helpView the list of town commands

/town create

Create a town

/town about

View information about a town

/town list

View a list of towns

/town invite

Invite someone to your town

/town claim

Claim a chunk

/town unclaim

Remove a claim

/town autoclaim

Toggle auto-claiming chunks as you walk

/town map

View a map of nearby town claims

/town promote

Promote a member up the role hierarchy

/town demote

Demote a member down the role hierarchy

/town evict

Evict a member from the town

/town leave

Leave the town

/town farm

Make a claim into a town farm

/plot claim

Claim a plot of land. (Requires the land to be a plot)

/town plot

Make a claim into a plot and manage it

/town plot add (player)

Add a player to a plot.

/town rules

Edit the town rules

/town deposit

Deposit into the town coffers

/town withdraw

Withdraw from the town coffers

/town level

Pay to level-up the town

/town bio

Edit the town bio

/town greeting

Edit the town greeting message

/town farewell

Edit the town farewell message

/town color

Edit the town color

/town rename

Rename the town

/town spawn

Teleport to a town spawn

/town setspawn

Set the town spawn

/town clearspawn

Clear the town spawn

/town privacy

Edit the privacy of the town spawn

/town chat

Send a message to the town chat

/town player

View which town a player is a member of

/town deeds

View a list of town claims on this server

/town online

View a list of town members and their roles

/town log

View the town audit log

/town transfer

Transfer ownership of the town to someone

/town disband

Delete the town

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