Quests are one of the main methods of obtaining money. There are more than 200 different quests available with five quest categories. Daily, Weekly, Miscellaneous, Event, and Global quests.
Daily Quests: Every day, 3 new random Daily Quests appear in the Daily category for you to complete. Completing all Daily Quests several days in a row will start a streak allowing you to unlock even more powerful rewards.
Weekly Quests: Every Monday, 3 new random Weekly quests appear. These are more challenging to complete but also come with increased rewards.
Miscellaneous Quests: In the Miscellaneous quest section, you can find a variety of random quests. Some can be repeated, while others can only be completed once. Their difficulties also vary, some being relatively simple to complete, while others being much more hardcore.
Event Quests: Event quests is the category where event-specific quests for periods such as Summer, Halloween, and Christmas can be found.
Global Quests are quests that the entire server can work towards together. There is one Global Quest active a month, and the 3 players who partake in the objective most will receive bonus rewards. There is also a base reward for all those who partake in at least 1% towards the objective.
You can find quests in-game by typing /quests