Learn more about our quest system.

Quests serve as a primary means of earning money in the game. There are more than 200 quests available, divided into five categories: Daily, Weekly, Miscellaneous, Event, and Global quests.

Daily Quests: Each day, three new random Daily Quests become available in the Daily category. Completing all Daily Quests consecutively for multiple days builds a streak, unlocking more valuable rewards.

Weekly Quests: Every Monday, three new random Weekly quests are added. These quests offer greater challenges but also offer higher rewards.

Miscellaneous Quests: In the Miscellaneous quest section, you can find a variety of random quests. Some quests can be repeated, while others are one-time-only. The difficulty of these quests varies, ranging from relatively simple tasks to more hardcore challenges.

Event Quests: Event quests are specific to certain periods, such as Summer, Halloween, and Christmas. These quests can be found in the Event category.

Global Quests: Global Quests are collaborative quests that all players on the server can work on together. One Global Quest is active each month, and the three players who contribute the most to the objective receive bonus rewards. Additionally, there is a base reward for all players who contribute at least 1% towards the objective.

You can find quests in-game by typing /quests or by interacting with one of the several quest boards found around spawn.

You can also find many quests by exploring spawn and speaking to NPCs with a question mark above their name.

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