🐶Mounts and Pets

Learn more about our mounts and pets.

Merchants at the Spawn Stables (/warp stables)

For players seeking to acquire mounts and pets more conveniently, merchants at the spawn stables offer a selection of these companions in exchange for heirloom currency. This provides players with a straightforward means of obtaining mounts and pets. You can also earn pets and mounts from activities such as Dungeons, Quests, Crates and Events.

Mounts (/mounts)

Mounts are custom entities that you can ride and fly. There are more than a dozen mounts available to be earned on the server. Some mounts also have unique abilities, including flying mounts that are usable in previously flight-restricted areas such as the spawn.

Pets (/pets)

Pets aren't just about looking cute! They come with unique utility and power perks and will assist you in combat. Bring your pets with you into dungeons, and have them help you kill mobs in the wilderness. They will greatly help you on your journey.

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