🎨Map Art

Learn how to generate map art in a few seconds.

If you have the Primordial rank, you can easily generate Map Art in seconds such as in the example below. If you have Celestial, you can generate animated map art!

Generating Map Art

Begin generating your own Map Art with the /imageframe create (name) (url) (width) (height) combined command.

You can use any publicly-accessible link from the internet that is a direct link to a PNG, JPG, JPEG, or GIF file.

You must have the number of maps for the width and height selected. For example, a 5x5 map art requires 25 maps in your inventory to generate.

Animated map art example.

Placing Map Art

Now that you've generated your piece of art, it's time to place it in the world. To do this, you must have the required itemframes. For example, if you generated a 5x5 map, you will need a total of 25 itemframes.

Place the empty item frames on a wall, enough to host the whole map. Then right-click on the bottom left frame with the generated map in your hand. And boom, your map art is placed!

To later remove the Map Art, simply shift-click somewhere on the image and the whole artwork will be taken down in one go.

Other Information

  • You can have a total of 30 generated Art Maps at once.

  • Generating any NSFW content or similar will get you banned permanently.

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