Learn more about guilds.

Guilds are the main progression system on the server. Immediately when joining you will have to pledge your allegiance to 1 of 3 Guilds. Each Guild offers a distinctive experience, boasting unique quests, ranks, skills, powers, and lore that will captivate your imagination.

This is one of the most important decisions you'll make on the server so choose wisely!

If you later regret your choice, you can reset your guild status and pledge to another with the /betrayguild command. This is free to do but it will set you back to Mortal rank.

IRON ENCLAVE GUILD (/warp enclave)

A guild focused on forging special tools. This guild comes with utility perks such as increased health, cheaper heirloom crafting, currency exchanging, and more.

NIGHT'S WATCH GUILD (/warp watch)

A guild focused on hunting and combat. This guild comes with combat perks such as increased damage dealt, increased dungeon rewards, and more.

EXPLORER'S LEAGUE (/warp explorer)

A guild focused on exploration and gathering. This guild comes with utility perks such as increased movement speed, higher chance to find artifacts, favorable trades, and more.

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