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Learn more about guilds.
Guilds are the main progression system on the server. Immediately when joining you will have to pledge your allegiance to 1 of 3 Viking Guilds. Each Guild offers a distinctive experience, boasting unique quests, ranks, skills, powers, and immersive lore that will captivate your imagination.
This is one of the most important decisions you'll make on the server so choose wisely!
If you later regret your choice, you can reset your guild status and pledge to another with the /betrayguild command. This has a $50,000 fee and will set your standing back to Mortal.

SKALD'S FORGE GUILD (/warp skald)

Journey to the island of Skald's Forge, a renowned crafting guild that specializes in the art of forging mighty weapons, armor, and tools. Named after the legendary Viking poets who composed awe-inspiring songs of heroic deeds, this guild's members possess unparalleled skill in their craft. By gathering precious materials from the land, they channel their knowledge of ancient techniques to create weapons and armor imbued with powerful enchantments. Skald's Forge is a haven for those seeking mastery in the art of creation.
Unique Guild Perks include:
  • Health bonuses: Up to 6 extra hearts.
  • Fire resistance: Fully immune to fire damage.
  • Master of the Forge: 10% fewer materials consumed when crafting heirlooms up to Epic tier.
  • Gem Specialist: Access an exchanger where you can trade currency and keys.
  • Runesmith's Gift: Infuse items of your own choice with the unbreakable enchantment.
  • Dwarven Forge: Repair your items at no cost. This can be done every 2 hours.
  • Unique guild cosmetics, including 10 unique guild ranks.
  • Fiery Dragon Flying Mount.
You can pledge your allegiance to the Skald's Forge guild on Skald's Island. Travel here by venturing to the spawn docks and speaking to the Dockmaster, who can sail you to the island.
Skald's Island - home of the Skald's Forge guild.

RAVEN'S WATCH GUILD (/warp raven)

Embark on daring expeditions with the Raven's Watch, a guild dedicated to hunting and exploration. Inspired by the cunning birds revered by the Vikings for their intelligence, this guild's members are skilled hunters and stealthy trackers. Guided by their expertise, they venture into uncharted territories, unraveling the secrets of the wilderness and unearthing ancient artifacts. The Raven's Watch Clan's thirst for discovery and their ability to adapt to any environment make them the vanguard of exploration.
Unique Guild Perks include:
  • Increased strength: Up to +12 bonus attack damage.
  • Damage resistance: Damage taken reduced by -20%.
  • Feathered Leap: Jump height increased by 50%
  • Raven's Plunder: Infuse items with the Looting 20 enchantment.
  • Loot Whisperer's Blessing: Double money earned from slaying dungeon bosses. There is also a chance to find a Raven's Watch exclusive satchel from all dungeon monsters, dropping additional vanilla and heirloom currency.
  • Unique guild cosmetics, including 10 unique guild ranks.
  • Sculk Dragon Flying Mount.
You can pledge your allegiance to the Raven's Watch guild in the Stormheim Barracks. Travel through the village of Stormheim until you reach the gates. You can also look for the Odin Statue!
Stormheim Barracks - home of the Raven's Watch guild.


Join the ranks of the Frostborne Gatherers, a diligent working guild focused on gathering vital resources from the unforgiving northern lands. Inspired by the fearless warriors born in the frozen tundras, this guild's members are resourceful experts in acquiring wood, stone, and metal from their surroundings. Their deep connection to the land, coupled with their survival instincts, ensures the guild's resilience. The Frostborne Gatherers tirelessly gather resources to equip and sustain their guildmates in the face of adversity.
Unique Guild Perks include:
  • Saturation: No hunger loss.
  • Speed: Increased movement speed up to 60%.
  • Treasure Tracker: +5% increased chance of finding artifacts.
  • Frostforged Bargain: 10% discount on spawner caches.
  • Frozen Fortune: Infuse items with the fortune 20 enchantment.
  • Resource Bartering: Exchange vanilla items and materials into other materials.
  • Unique guild cosmetics, including 10 unique guild ranks.
  • Glacial Dragon Flying Mount.
You can pledge your allegiance to the Frostborne Gatherer's guild in the Stormheim mountainside. Travel through the village of Stormheim following the main road and turn right, exiting through one of the side gates leading up the mountains.
Stormheim Mountainside - home of the Frostborne Gatherer's Guild.