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Here is the list of frequently asked questions. Got more? Ask us on Discord!

Can you mine spawners?

Spawners can be silk mined with one of the special 'Soul Harvest' pickaxes. You can find them at the Heirloom Forge.

Is KeepInventory enabled?

Yes, if you vote. Each link provides 3 hours of keep inventory. By voting on all links you receive a total of 24 hours keep inventory. This means if you vote on every link every day you will have keep inventory active permanently. Check your remaining keep inventory time with /keepinv

Is the End world enabled?

Yes. Once you reach the Raven rank, you can access it from the spawn portal.

Once I buy a rank, do I have to pay the full price for the next rank?

Nope! As the store states, if you have the previous rank you only pay the difference!
This is for donor, store-bought ranks.
If you purchase a store rank in-game with Crowns, you must continue purchasing upgrades in-game with Crowns as the cumulative website discount does not apply when using the in-game Crowns Merchant

What are the chunk limitations?

There are a few limitations of some entities and blocks per chunk to ensure the server is running uninterrupted.
  • Hardcap of max 256 tiles per chunk.
  • Max 64 Redstone-related blocks per chunk. (Redstone, Redstone Wire, Hopper, Dispenser, Dropper, Tripwire Hook, Redstone Lamp, Sticky Piston, Piston, Redstone Torch, TNT, Note Block, Lever, Repeater, Comparator.)
  • Max 100 item frames per chunk.
  • Max 25 hoppers per chunk.
  • Max 8 armor stands per chunk.
  • Max 6 spawners per chunk.
  • Max 10 Passive Animals per chunk.
  • Max 3 Hostile Monsters per chunk.
  • Max 3 active wolf pets. (Everywhere, including your grinder)
In addition to this, all hoppers are slowed by 4x vanilla speed.
Prevent your pets from despawning by ensuring you do not pass the chunk limit, and by name-tagging them.

How do I ignore another player?

In the event that you do not want another player contacting you, do /ignore (player).

Can I vote with my ALT accounts?

Absolutely! Voting benefits both the server and you.