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Learn more about the server economy.


In-game money is one of the main currencies on the server besides Heirloom Currency, which you can learn more about in the "Custom Items" category. Money is used for a variety of purchases including ranking up in your guild, leveling-up your town, cosmetics, and more.
There are several methods of obtaining money on the server. Here are some of the common ones:
Jobs - Join jobs and complete the tasks to get paid every minute. Learn more about Jobs in-depth by going into the Jobs category. Check out /jobs in-game.
Quests - Complete daily, weekly, and other quests to earn a large sum of in-game money. Check out /quests in-game.
Minigames - Partake in minigames such as Dungeons, Fishing Contests, Spleef, and Dance Parties to earn in-game money and other rewards. Learn more by going into the Minigames category.
Voting - Vote every day to receive $500 for every vote, and additional sums of in-game money when reaching milestones. Check out /vote in-game.
Selling items - Sell items to other players, sell items on the Auction House, and sell items to Jens in spawn. Check out /warp shop in-game.
Stormheim Auction House.


Crowns is one of the server's main currencies. You can purchase them from the store ( They are used as a real-life money equivalent to safely trade with other players for in-game money or items and to purchase any package from the store in-game.
  • Crowns are obtained either from the store directly, from voting, or from other players.
  • You can spend your Crowns in-game by visiting /warp crowns.
  • You can send crowns to other players only while in spawn (/spawn) and by using the following command: /crowns pay (player name) (number of crowns)
100 Crowns is equivalent to 1 EURO.

Player Shops

Increase your wealth by creating your own shop. Trade items with other players safely and efficiently.
Players are able to create their own shops using chests. This allows you to quickly buy and sell items with other players. Follow the guide below to start your own shop!
Example of a shop where 1x custom hammer, Mjolnir is being sold for $100,000 by PacificMiner.

How to create a shop

To create a shop, place down a chest and left-click it with the item you want to sell. You will then be prompted to type in the chat, how much you would like to sell this item for. And that's it, you've created your first shop!
NOTICE: If you want to sell a consumable item, such as Artifacts or Accessories, you must use the /qs supercreate command instead, or the consumable item is likely to be redeemed.
If you want to go more in-depth, here is a list of commands you can use related to your shops:


/qs buy - Shop under crosshairs becomes a buying shop. /qs sell - Shop under crosshairs becomes a selling shop. /qs price <price> - Shop under crosshairs now buys/sells at the specified price. /qs find <item> - Find the nearest shop selling the specified item. /qs remove - Remove the shop under crosshairs. /qs toggledisplay - Toggle the display of the item above the chest. /qs supercreate - Create a shop for custom item consumables such as Artifact Caches. /qs help - View additional commands in-game. /qs staff - View additional shop staff commands in-game.

Self-Sufficient Shops

Creating a double-chest shop is easy! Simply place the chests down as you would normally, and left-click each side of the double chest.
This allows you to have one part of the chest serve as a buying shop and the other as a selling shop. It will automatically update the stock for both options, allowing it to be fully self-sufficient with players selling to your shop, and others buying from your shop
An example of this setup can be seen below.