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What are Dungeons?

Dungeons are a group PvE (player versus environment) game-mode in which players must work together in order to defeat powerful enemies. Inside Dungeons, you will find many different custom monsters with unique skills and abilities that require teamwork and coordination to defeat.
Dungeons also feature a variety of different traps and puzzles which must be completed by the group of players in order to advance. Once a specific number of monsters have been slain inside the dungeon, the boss will spawn at the end of the dungeon.
Players must work together to defeat the boss, and if successful, all players near the boss on death will earn its loot containing in-game money and a key, which can be used at /crates to unlock many powerful rewards.

Activating Dungeons

To activate normal and heroic dungeons, you can visit Leif the Explorer in Stormheim's Hall of Fame building. By speaking to Leif, you will be able to contribute a specific amount of materials. Once the community combined has contributed the necessary materials, a dungeon will activate for players with the necessary rank to enter.
This gives more player-agency to when dungeons are active, allowing you to engage in dungeon gameplay at your own pace instead of adhering to a rigid schedule.
  • This applies to Normal and Heroic Dungeons.
Siege of Ravenshire dungeon.

Dungeon Difficulties

There are three different dungeon difficulties, each with unique dungeon maps featuring a set of unique puzzles, monsters, and other obstacles to overtake. As the dungeon tier increases, so does the difficulty.
Normal dungeons are designed around early to mid-game players.
Heroic dungeons are designed for mid to end-game players.
Mythic dungeons are designed for end-game to late end-game players.
  • Active twice a week, every Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM server time.
  • The dungeons are active for 1 hour, or until the boss has been slain.

Dungeon Leaderboards

The dungeons also have leaderboards for most damage done. The top three players who deal the most damage to mobs during a dungeon will receive bonus rewards once it ends. Specifically:
Normal Dungeons
  • 1st place: 1x Moonstone + $50,000
  • 2nd place: $35,000
  • 3rd place: $25,000
Heroic Dungeons
1st place: 1x Shard of Iris + $75,000
2nd place: $60,000
3rd place: $50,000
Mythic Dungeons
1st place: 1x Ruby + $100,000
2nd place: $100,000
3rd place: $75,000

Rare (Bonus) Bosses

Occasionally, you will also discover rare bosses inside an active dungeon. They have a low chance to spawn roughly 15 minutes into an active dungeon. Keep your eyes out for the looming danger!

How do I join a dungeon?

Once you have increased your ranking with your guild of choice and unlocked access to dungeons, you can enter the dungeon portals below the Hall of Fame - in the dungeon portal room.