Transparency about seasons, our goals and commitments.

On MineRaze, each season marks a fresh start, bringing new worlds, a renewed economy, and exciting updates. As a longstanding tradition over nearly a decade, we strive for each season to endure for at least a year or longer.

During every season transition, certain items, and progress will carry over, including:

  • Store Ranks

  • Premium

  • Platinum

  • Patron

  • Crowns

  • Cosmetics

  • Pets

  • Mounts

  • Season Vault

  • Build Transfers*

The preservation of additional items between seasons will be determined by the decisions made during the announcement of each new season. Our primary aim is to honor your commitment and support to the server by safeguarding the majority of the items you have purchased with real-life currency. We strive to maintain a balance that ensures fairness and equity for all players. Rest assured, we are committed to creating an environment that respects your investments while upholding the principles of balance and fairness for the entire community.

The Season Vault

The Season Vault system allows you to transfer specific items across server seasons. The amount of vault slots you unlock depends on the number of tasks you have completed on the server.

There are 7 different vault slots.

Vault SlotUnlock Requirement

Slot 1

100 Daily Quest Streak

Slot 2

Summer Event

Slot 3

Halloween Event

Slot 4

Christmas Event

Slot 5

Easter Event

Slot 6


Slot 7


Build Transfers*

We understand a lot of players have a passion for building large and ambitious projects on the server. We want to commit ourselves to preserving the most fantastic buildings on the server each season.

This means we're offering Build Transfers whenever a new season is announced. In short, it means if you have built a large and awesome construction on the server, you will be able to have it moved into future seasons.

For balancing reasons this excludes any blocks of value such as, but not limited to, spawners, furniture, gemstone blocks, and more.

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