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Learn more about our many minigames.

The Night is Dark and Full of Terror

Every real-life Full Moon, the fabled Fenrir and his pack of dire wolves attack Stormheim (spawn). Fend off the attack by grouping up with other online players, and defeat Fenrir and his pack before it is too late.
  • This event happens roughly once a month.
Updated Fenrir boss - available soon!
This is being updated and will return in one of the first patches of season 5.

Fishing Contest (/minigames)

Fishing Contests are an event in spawn that lasts for 15 minutes at a time. During the contest, you'll be able to catch dozens of different custom fish. These can be sold in spawn at a Fishing Merchant for a large amount of in-game money.
The top three players who catch the longest or most fish during each contest will also receive bonus rewards. Specifically:
1st place: $15,000 2nd place: $10,000 3rd place: $5,000
Additionally, all Fisherman job experience earned is increased by 20% while fishing in the Stormheim Docks. This is always active.

Spleef (/minigames)

Spleef is a competitive game where you must destroy blocks below other players, allowing them to fall off the playing field. The objective of this minigame is to be the last player standing.
Everyone will receive a partaking reward of $3,000 in-game money. The winner will receive $10,00. The game is active for 15 minutes every time, allowing for multiple rounds and winners.

Dance Party (/minigames)

Dance Party is a competitive 'Simon Says Dance' type minigame. Every few seconds, a random block is chosen and all players must find a block of that type on the dance floor and stand on it. If the player is not quick enough, they will fall down as every block except the chosen one is removed. This continues for a maximum of 20 rounds, each round being faster.
Everyone will receive a partaking reward of $3,000 in-game money. The winner will receive $10,000.

Parkour (/minigames)

Parkour is the art of displacement, a discipline that consists in getting from one point to another through agile movement. Basically, a form of jumping puzzle!
There are four primary parkour maps on the server each with different difficulties and rewards. We also offer an Infinite Parkour Mode for those who enjoy the gameplay.
🦘Infinite Parkour
This is an infinitely generating parkour map specific for each player. See how far you can go before falling off and reach milestones to earn in-game money rewards. These are all one-time rewards.
Score 100: $10,000 Score 200: $15,000 Score 300: $20,000 Score 400: $25,000 Score 500: $30,000 Score 750: $40,000 Score 1000: $50,000 Score 2500: $50,000 Score 5000: $60,000

🏴‍☠️The Pirate Hideout parkour

First parkour level.
  • One-time reward: 1x Ancient Key.
  • Subsequent: $1,000

🌳The Woodlands Parkour

Second parkour level.
  • One-time reward: 2x Ancient Keys.
  • Subsequent: $2,500

🐝The Hornets Hole Parkour

Third parkour level.

  • One-time reward: 1x Heroic Key.
  • Subsequent: $5,000

🔮The Crystal Mines Parkour

Fourth parkour level.

  • One-time reward: 1x Mythic Key
  • Subsequent: $10,000
Pirate Hideout Parkour Map.


Races are minigames that are broadcasted in chat about every 20 minutes on the server. They are a competitive race against other players online on the server to be the first to complete the broadcasted objective.
The objectives range from:
  • Block Race - Be the first to break the announced amount of blocks!
  • Crafting Race - Be the first to craft the announced amount of items!
  • Hunting Race - Be the first to kill the announced amount of mobs!
  • Chat Race - Be the first to type out the word!
  • Quiz Race - Be the first to answer the question correctly!
  • Scramble Race - Be the first to unscramble the word!
Winning a race will award you with a Heavy Artifact Cache and some in-game money.

Loot Pinata Party

When you vote for the server, there is a low chance for a Loot Pinata Party to begin in spawn. It will broadcast in chat when this happens, and everyone who hits the Pinata will earn some extra rewards.

Dragon Event

Defeat an empowered version of the Ender Dragon! This event happens roughly every 3 months on the day where The End Dimension is resetting.
The Dragon Event is a fight against a modified Ender Dragon which is quite strong. Defeating it will award all partakers with a large amount of in-game money and exclusive items.