Learn more about our many minigames.

Fishing Contest (/fish)

Fishing Contests are an event in spawn that lasts for 15 minutes at a time. During the contest, you'll be able to catch dozens of different custom fish. These can be sold in spawn at a Fishing Merchant for a large amount of in-game money.

The top three players who catch the longest or most fish during each contest will also receive bonus rewards. Specifically:

Additionally, all Fisherman job experience earned is increased by 20% while fishing in spawn. This bonus is always active.

Parkour (/minigames)

Parkour is the art of displacement, a discipline that consists in getting from one point to another through agile movement. Basically, a form of jumping puzzle!

There are six primary parkour maps on the server each with different difficulties and rewards. Partake in the Parkour minigame at /dg


Races are minigames that are broadcasted in chat about every 20 minutes on the server. They are a competitive race against other players online on the server to be the first to complete the broadcasted objective.

Winning a race will award you with a Heavy Artifact Cache and in-game money.

Loot Pinata Party

When you vote for the server, there is a low chance for a Loot Pinata Party to begin in spawn. It will broadcast in chat when this happens, and everyone who hits the Pinata will earn some extra rewards.

Dragon Event

Defeat an empowered version of the Ender Dragon! This event happens roughly every 3 months on the day where The End Dimension is resetting.

The Dragon Event is a fight against a modified Ender Dragon which is quite strong. Defeating it will award all partakers with a large amount of in-game money and exclusive items.

Dungeon Marathon

Roughly once a month, a Dungeon Marathon will be activated. This is a marathon to defeat every single of the currently 13 dungeons available in order. Starting from Normal, to Heroic and ending with the Mythic dungeons.

During this event, you will get the usual dungeon drops and loot along with a special 'Time Relic' currency which can be used for many end-game rewards such as Mythic and Titan Keys, along with Heirloom currencies, including Rubies.

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