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Learn more about invasions.
Invasions is a combat PvE feature where you must defend Skald's Island, the sister island of Stormheim, from relentless invaders. This zone is accessible to all players at any time, allowing for endless gameplay.
However, be prepared for challenging battles against formidable monsters. To aid in your defense, team up with other players and contribute war materials to activate powerful zone-wide perks. By doing so, you can make defeating the invasion monsters easier for everyone. The perks are as follows:
  • +90 Melee attack damage.
  • 20% Damage resistance buff.
Speaking to Leif the Explorer in Stormheim's Hall of Fame, allows you to activate extremely powerful perks for everyone in the invasion zone. 15 minutes after an invasion contribution goes through, a powerful boss will also appear on Skald's Island. Defeat it for very powerful end-game rewards including a Mythic Key.
Slaying the invasion monsters drops a unique currency "Venomous Wormling". This can be exchanged into heirloom currency and other rewards by speaking to the dwarven commander, Murodin, on Skald's Island.
Murodin - the dwarven commander and invasion merchant.